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A small selection of products and projects that we regularly undertake.

All one-off commissions are welcome, and we are here to advise on the the most practical solution to your Gearbox or Differential problems.

This is what we do……………..

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This is only a small selection of our regular work. We are the longest established gearbox repairers on Mersey side, trusted by many specialist restorers, car clubs and individuals so why not put all your transmission requirements safely in our hands?

Vauxhall M32 Gearbox Top Case Repair

Damaged M32 Case in *(photo)

M32 Case in machine fixture*(photo)

Repair Inserts*(photo)

Case after machining (photo)

Insert in case (photo)

Vauxhall M32 cases are prone to damage after bearing collapse. New cases cost approximately £260. Chinese copies are somewhat cheaper and not highly thought of. Our conversion using a CNC machined insert as far superior and costs only £80, which makes a huge saving. I the event of another bearing failure, just the insert can be replaced, available on exchange only.

Austin Maxi 1750 gearbox before and after rebuild

MGA Differential stripped for inspection and ready for re-build

Riley Brooklands 9HP gearbox stripped and ready for re-building

Lotus - all models Gearbox & Differentials

Repairs, Overhauls Complete Replacements

40+ Years


We also produce King pin Sets for MG C and Gilbern Genie and Invader MK 1 and MK2.

These are supplied in pairs with top and bottom steel backed bushes bronze thrust washers O rings and shims.

We have also produced 1 Off king pin sets for various veteran vehicles.

BMC Mini Copper gearbox stripped and rebuilt

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